Help your employees thrive with postural therapy!

It's likely that over 50% of your employees have a musculoskeletal condition that they are dealing with on a daily basis. Provide additional non-medical support to prevent and resolve posture & pain issues.

I provide the following services:

Learn how to feel and move better

Educational Workshops

  • Five Steps to Stopping Back Pain
  • Top Five Posture Myths
  • How to Assess your Own Posture & Movement
  • Ergonomic Best Practices

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Experience Posture Therapy

Group Exercise Therapy Classes

  • Full Body Posture Reset Class
  • Balanced Feet Class
  • Strong Knees Class
  • Powerful Hips Class
  • Healthy Back Class
  • Fluid Neck Class

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Experience Individualized Therapy

Health Fair Experiences

  • "Try it out" posture therapy mini sessions (5 minutes per person)
  • Ergonomic assessments (5 minutes per person)

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