We were designed to walk, run, jump, crawl, climb, twist, and bend, and use our bodies more in everyday life. The old saying goes, if we don’t use it, we lose it. This is true about the musculoskeletal system. Since our environment lacks the stimulus we need to stay healthy, we need to create that stimulus for ourselves through corrective exercises.

Most traditional approaches operate under a simplistic “bio-mechanical” model which simply means stretch what’s tight and strengthen what’s week. However, the problem is that many people’s bodies return to the same old pattern regardless of how much time they put in. I work on a deeper, neurological level to help you get unstuck.

The first step in a posture session is to learn about your story, your symptoms, your history, and to set goals for your therapy. The second step involves the assessment, where a posture coach takes your posture photos to analyze your body in three planes of motion. This will help the coach and yourself identify problem areas of your posture and focus areas for your corrective exercise routine. The coach will also analyze your gait and ability to perform certain movements. The coach will then instruct you on your new routine, to make sure you understand how to perform each exercise correctly. The coach observes and listens intently during the process to learn how your body is responding and adapts the program accordingly. If you have any questions between appointments via email, we are here to help to tweak your program.

Zoom sessions are equally as effective as in person since the approach is exercise based.

Posture therapy is appropriate for people of all ages and athletic abilities. The exercises range from easy to challenging based on the client’s mobility levels. No one has perfect posture so everyone can benefit.

While the benefits of the therapy can be noticed very quickly, often immediately in the first session, it does take time to see true, lasting results. Thirty years of poor movement patterns can’t be fixed in 30 minutes. You are expected to do your 15-20 minute routine daily for eight weeks to consistently reinforce the proper joint positioning and healthy movement patterns so the effects are real and long term. We understand it can be difficult to create this new daily habit. We advise against starting the program until you are able to make the time and are ready to make a serious commitment for your health.

Yes, Postural Therapy draws on evidence-based theory and research in the fields of physical therapy, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, osteopathy, sports sciences, and yoga to deliver a non-medical, non-pharmaceutical, exercise-based intervention to address chronic pain and optimize human movement.

DISCLAIMER: Spencer Stein provides wellness and fitness services and does not prevent, diagnose, or treat diseases. Please consult with your healthcare provider prior to starting any new exercise program.